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Genuine Australian Made Kayaks

Get Great Deals on Kayaks on Australian made kayaks at Camero Kayaks. If you are interested in finding a genuine Australian made kayak for sale, check out our supply at Camero Kayaks. We have been in this business for 3 generations and we take great pride in our company and the community. We have authenticated […]

20 Year Warranty On All Round Water Tanks

Our range of round rainwater tanks are manufactured in Adelaide using food grade, virgin grade, 20uv rating polyethylene. This ensures the water tanks are not manufactured using recycled plastic. Our water tanks are manufactured using premium quality materials guaranteeing they will withstand Australia’s harsh climate. Lower grades of polyethylene are much less durable and are […]

Best Locations For A Rainwater Tank

Placement near a house or shed is an ideal place for a water tank. Water collection is much simpler when the gutter system and rainwater tank are in close proximity. Having the gutters and water tank a way apart can be costly if a complex pipework system needs to be fitted. If you have an […]

Filtering Rainwater When Filling A Water Tank

When catching and storing rainwater in a water tank it is important to make sure the water is as clean as possible. This is important for a number of health reasons, to reduce the build-up of bacteria, sludge or any other contaminants that can be potentially harmful. Depending on the intended use of the stored […]

Preparation And Installation Of A Water Tank

When installing a larger rainwater tank, the usual process is: 1) If required, get local council approval. This will prevent any unnecessary fines or having to remove the rainwater tank later. 2) Prepare the area for the water tank. Clear the area of branches, trees, rocks. If this is not done, the rainwater tank may […]

Rainwater Tank Colours

There are over 30 colours in our range of rainwater tanks. Colorbond colours are also an option. The large range of colours make matching a water tank to its surroundings easier than ever. Whether matching the rainwater tank colour to a house, shed, or simply looking to blend the water tank in with tress or […]

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