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What Capacity Rainwater Tank Can I Fill?

When researching what size or style rainwater tank to purchase one of the major factors to consider is how much rainwater you can expect to catch from your house or shed. If you are planning to build or extend your house or shed, it is a good idea to calculate whether you will catch a […]

What Size Water Tank Do I Need?

When looking to conserve water by adding a rainwater tank one of the most important decisions to make is where the rainwater tank is best located. The size and shape of the rainwater tank are largely determined by the size of the area it will be located. When installing a rainwater tank near a house […]

Leading Company In Yacht Tour Around World

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Camero Kayaks is a sister company of Southside Manufacturing, a premier steel fabrication organisation founded over 30 years ago in Lonsdale, SA. Director Patrick Galdes has over 40 years of manufacturing experience and acquired Camero Kayaks in 2008 to expand and diversify the company’s operations.

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