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Oceanus XL

$ 1099.00
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This kayak is ideal for paddling in all conditions. With raised aluminium seats, the Explorer XL provides next level support and comfort when sitting for extended periods of time. A full-length moulded keel provides improved tracking making it an easy kayak to paddle as a single or tandem. The high level of stability. Raised seating position, and 4x flush mount fishing rod holders make Oceanus XL an excellent fishing kayak.


Length: 4m, Width: 0.88m, Weight 45kg, Capacity: 250kg

2x Aluminium Seats & Paddles Included

8UV Rating Virgin Grade Polyethylene – 3 Year Manufacturing Warranty

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Camero Kayaks is a sister company of Southside Manufacturing, a premier steel fabrication organisation founded over 30 years ago in Lonsdale, SA. Director Patrick Galdes has over 40 years of manufacturing experience and acquired Camero Kayaks in 2008 to expand and diversify the company’s operations.

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